Jawaani Din Char Lyrics – Second Hand Husband

Jawaani Din Char Lyrics – Second Hand Husband:

Jawaani Din Char is the new song from the movie Second Hand Husband. This song is sung passionately by Labh Janjua & the lyrics are written by Rahul Behenwal. The music of this song is composed by Jatinder Shah.

Song: Jawaani Din Char
Singers: Labh Janjua
Movie: Second Hand Husband
Music: Jatinder Shah
Lyrics: Rahul Behenwal

Jawaani Din Char Lyrics – Second Hand Husband

O nawi nawi tu aayi shehar wich,
Paundi firre paude ni,
Oye naina de naal nain milake,
Mundeyan de dil saade ni,

Ho tu gallan kardi naughty,
Kidhi fadengi hi me bauti,
Piche lag gayi kataar,

Saadi hoja soniye,
Jawaani din char,(x3)

Yes karke kade no karke,

Main tainu chakaran ch paaya,
Beauty show karke,(x2)

O tu soni mtuiyaar,
Tere piche mundiyan di tolli oye,
Oye hand up karke daily kehnde,
Madam missed you only oye,

Hunn tu hogi beautiful,
Lak tera patla pink ne bull,
Saade hisse pade pyar,

Saadi hoja soniye..,
Saadi hoja soniye,
Jawani din char,

Mainu bada kuteya te main bada royi,(x2)

Rati dangad dangad hoyi,(x4)

Main bada royi,



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