Saiyaan Lyrics- Farhan Saeed – Mere Ajnabi

Saiyaan is the new song from the drama Mere Ajnabi starring Farhan Saeed who also sung this song & Urwa Hocane in the main roles. The new song is written, composed and produced by Adrian David.

Song: Saiyaan 
Artist: Farhan Saeed
Drama:  Mere Ajnabi
Written composed and produced by Adrian David Emmanuel
Directed By: Ahmed Bhatti
Drama Written By: Saima Akram Chudhery

Saiyaan Lyrics- Farhan Saeed – Mere Ajnabi

Jiteya-jiteya tu jiteya tu main haari, (x4)

Tu te jiteya ve,
Main te haari aa,
Ishq tere vich soniya,

Saiyaan main te haari aa, (x2)

Jiteya tu main tere naal,
Maahiya chadd ke na jaa,

Aaja o sajna ve,
Tere bin ratiyaan ye,
Kate kati na meri ye na,

Teri main dun duhai,
Aaja na harjaai,
Tere bina main jiyu kaise,

Aaja ve sajana,
Maahiya chadd ke na ja,

Chadd ke naa ja (x4)

Saiyaan haar gayi main te,
Saiyaan kyu tu haari ein,

Jiteya tu main tere naal,
Maahiya main tere naal,



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