Waffavan Lyrics – Abhishek

Waffavan is the recent track which is sung by Abhishek. The duo of Pankaj Kashyap & Jashanpreet written the heart warming lyrics which talks about deep down feelings of a woman separation from her partner.

The slow music of the track is created by Arpan Bawa & labelled under Harp Farmer Pictures.

Song: Unplugged Waffavan
Singer: Abhishek
Lyrics: Pankaj Kashyap & Jashanpreet
Music: Arpan Bawa
Producer: Charanjit Singh
Copyright: Harp Farmer Pictures

Waffavan Lyrics – Abhishek

Tere naal dilon main laiyan,
Kyu karda eh beparwahiyan, (x2)

Tainu kyu raas na aaiyan,
Tainu kyu raas na aaiyan,

Waffavan meriyan waffavan, (x2)

Yaad teri vich hogayi challi,
Raati neend na aave,
Akhaan thakiyaan tak-tak raavan,
Mera maahi nazar na aave, (x2)

Saanu kede gall diyan deve,

Waffavan meriyan waffavan, (x2)

Pyar tere layi meri sajna,
Rooh rove kurlaave,
Tere bin kis kam da jina,
Mainu maut vi kyu na aave, (x2)

Naam tera vich ajj vi gunje,

Waffavan meriyan waffavan, (x2)

Vas gamma de pai gayi zindagi,
PretJashan sang laake,
Haal mera behaal hai lady,
Vekh kade ghar aake, (x2)

Pankaj karde maaf jo hoyian,

Waffavan meriyan waffavan, (x3)



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