Guru Randhawa – A Singer With Mesmerizing Voice

Guru Randhawa is young, charming & has a fascinating voice which is why in such a short period he touched massive success. He is blessed with a wonderful voice & also apart from that he is a superlative lyrics writer as well.

He writes every song and makes compositions simultaneously which is why if you hear all of his songs that have mind blowing compositions which might be core of his success, a complete package of music.

Lets dig a little bit into his early life : Guru Randhawa was born in Gurdaspur, Punjab & like all the amazing singers do, he started singing at a very early age and to be precise he was 7 when he started singing. He studied in Punjab till higher secondary but after completing his school he went to Delhi for college.

Guru never took any formal training in singing but he used to hear a lot of singers & he always wanted to make a space for himself through different kind of singing as well as compositions & with his soothing voice he was noticed by people. The singer who knows exactly how to promote a song which has been seen throughout his career. All of Guru songs are unique with outstanding composition and impressive lyrics which apart him from other artists.

The singing career of Guru : His first official song was “Same girl” with Arjun where they both collaborated superbly which became a hit on YouTube which gave him the recognition among people.

His first solo song was “Chhad Gayi” under the banner of Speed Records which established  him as a talented singer singer, composer & lyricist. But still he didn’t reached that point where he wanted to.

So then he decided to do full album with different songs which was not as successful as it should have got. He released that album under his own record label Guru Randhawa on Youtube & he said in an interview that “I still have the royalty of that album & that album will keep making money throughout my life”. That album didn’t do well but it earned him a very well deserved Best Debut Male Singer in PTC Music Awards.

After this, his another song came  “Patola” which was sung by him & Bohemia (The biggest rapper in Punjab). That song was composed by Preet Hundal which changed the life of this excellent singer & till today it has close to 12 Million views on Youtube which is sensational for a fairly new singer. This interview will let you know about the success of this superb song.

After the mammoth success he collaborated with Ikka for “Khat” song which was a great composition which straight away put him elite list singers in Punjabi music industry.

Outfit” is one of his recent song which at a leisurely pace made it mark felt &  it is also becoming very popular as you can see a common man humming this song.

One of very unorthodox song was “AK 47” which instantly became a hit among the listeners & it has really earthy feel to it which is refreshing.

Yaar Mod Do” is a fabulous song on friendship that’s why it fetched around 6 Million views on YouTube by the end of June 2016. Milind Gaba have composed it to perfection.

Suit : His new track another collaboration with Arjun English and Punjabi mix. It is a fantastic track.

There is a lot of hype around his upcoming track Fashion. Well, all know it will be a smasher!

Fashion: Another beautiful track which talks about fashion in Guru’s way. Another smashing hit from him and he brings in a lot of passion in this track. Definitely one of the best numbers he has sung in recent times.

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