Preet Hundal – Immensely Talented Music Composer

Preet Hundal is gradually becoming a very popular music director and it’s not a surprise for anyone because he is simply a genius when it comes to music. The popularity or fame is just the appreciation of someone’s immense hard work & it reflects in each of the song of this fantastic music director.

Apart from being a powerhouse in music, Preet is also a lyricist which reveals his understanding of things going around him which makes him exceptional and stand aloof from the rest of music composers in the Punjabi music industry. He fondly calls himself “Hundal Mohali Wala” in his own songs which he writes.

There are a very less amount of people who knows what exactly people are excepting from them & they just deliver exactly that Preet is one of them. He started working with Sukh-E (famous Punjabi musician cum singer) under the name “Muzical Doctorz” but after giving some extraordinary songs they split. We will just dig into only Preet Hundal’s sole compositions.

Gangster Love – This is a song with dubstep music which is piece of art in it’s own way & this tells you how ferocious he can be with music & this kind of music is not heard before in India. This shows how dedicated actually this guy is.

Patola – A song with melodious yet very stylish beats & the composition made to just suck the listeners in & it take to journey of soulful music. Another fine example of his work & the lyrics which are also penned by him are very catchy & are written keeping the young listeners in mind.

Yaar Kol Challi – He is expert in finding new voices and the composition of this romantic number is again a masterpiece & this song didn’t get as many views as it should get but it is a fine song.

One Dream – A song which is very soothing showing the versatility of this fabulous composer & a very soothing music with composition very urban. You can say, Preet Hundal knows how mix urban & desi together. Nor doing anything much neither doing anything less just a perfect mix.

Igonre List : One of his recent number is Ignore List in which he is singing as well.

Another song of his new song “Viah” is coming this week with Maninder Buttar & it will be a song to remember.

If he is not now but soon he will touch the height of grand success because the quality of his work is unmatchable right now. In true sense of the term, he brings the new era of music direction to Punjab & India.



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