Ranga Re (English) Lyrics – Fitoor

This is the English version of Ranga Re song which is sung by Caralisa Monterio & Amit Trivedi. Swanand Kirkire is the writer & the composer is Amit Trivdei.

Song: Ranga Re (English)
Singer: Caralisa Monterio & Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Music: Amit Trivedi
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Movie: Fitoor(2016)

Ranga Re (English) Lyrics – Fitoor

On the floor gettin down tonight,
To tell you how I feel,
So much love I cannot fight,
But no more,

I feel you,
Burning inside of me,
Moving in this misery,
Give me a sign at your mind,

You make me feel so alive,
Every time we touch,
I wanna know how you feel,
Right now I need you,

Hold me for an Elysium,
Sweetest kiss I ever knew,
Give me a sign that you’re mine,


Tujhe naseebon se main chura lu,
Tujhe apni saanson mein main jagah dun,
Teri rag-rag mein aaj behke,
Main mere fun ko jhila du.. main jhila dun,

Hoke teri zulfon se utre raat,
Rok lu ye lamha,
Ke tere honthon se chhu ke aaj,
Chhu lu aag,

Main ranga re
Ooo.. haan..
Main ranga re,
Tere rang rangaa re,
Tere jism mein,
Main ghul gaya,

Rangaa re..

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