Six Pack Abs Lyrics – Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar is back with his brand new track from the upcoming Hindi movie ‘Tere Bin Laden : Dead Or Alive’. The new track is sung, composed and penned by the artist himself. The song is labelled under the banner of  Zee Music Company.

Title : Six Pack Abs
Singer/Composer/Lyricist : Ali Zafar
Arrangers/Programmers : Shani Arshad
Movie: Tere Bin Laden : Dead Or Alive
Starring: Manish Paul, Pradhuman Singh

Six Pack Abs Lyrics – Ali Zafar

Hey Mummy bole,
Jo bhi karna tu karna hole hole,
Haan Daddy bole,
Kya karlega tu yeh banake dole,

O main ye bola,
Jigre mein aag aur badan mein shola,
Toh duniye bole ba,
Aur main bolu ke aa,
Aa.. aa,

Aa chakhle mere,
1 2 3 4 5 6 mere,
Six pack abs,(six pack)

Baby ko laage fab,(fab fab)
Ye mere six pack abs,(six pack)
Girl follow me in cabs,(cab cab)
Ye mere six pack abs,(six pack six pack)

Six pack..
Six pack..

Six pack..(x2)

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