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Today, in India there are a lot of people who are into English music which have given rise to a few English speaking singers like Arjun & Zack Knight. They combine English music with Hindi & Punjabi mainly (also other languages like Tamil etc.). This fusion of east & west is giving the listeners something unique to hear. That is why the biggest music company in India, T-Series have signed a contract with Arjun & one of the best fusion done by Arjun is this :

I’ll Be Waiting (Kabhi Jo Badal Barse) :

Personal Life

Arjun’s full name is Arjun Kumaraswamy & he is actually from Sri Lanka.  He started as guitarist in a rock band at the age of 12. He is from UK who came into limelight when he sang the English version of  “Why This Kolaveri Di” with around 11 Million views by June 2016. Apart from music his second love is cricket & Jaisurya is his favourite cricketer. In an candid interview he that,  he has also a degree in Architect but his main passion remains music. He is basically a music producer & he also says he always thought of becoming a music composer. The singing part came after quite a while in his music career.

Some of the best music that he has created is :

Ambarsariya : It’s a Punjabi song, the combination of east & west makes a fabulous long.

Same Girl : It’s his collaboration with a star now Guru Randhawa which is also fantastic & it also tells about his writing skills.

Mohabbat Barsa De : It is again fusion of Hindi music & western music which is absolutely amazing.

All Of Me (Baarish) : Again a remix of a Bollywood with featuring in the video.

Sanam Ho Ja : The new song from this London based singer & composer is superb. It is a special one because it’s his original song unlike his previous songs. This party track deserves it’s place here.


These are the few of his songs which are mind-blowing but there are many other songs that he has sung which are equally good. He wants make himself a pop artist & his for the global audiences. He has a potential of becoming a global sensation.

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