Top 10 Songs With Double Meaning Lyrics

We have seen that new generation singers are often criticized especially Yo Yo Honey Singh  that they sing the songs which are spoiling the youngsters & their songs (most of the time) have double meaning lyrics. If you hear these songs from the past which have taken double meaning to another level then you surely be amused. Here’s a list of top 10 which are vulgar/double meaning songs.

Top 10 Hindi Songs With Double Meaning Lyrics

10. Song – Main Maal Gaadi
Movie – Andaz (1994)

This movie have almost all the songs which are double meaning. “Main Maal Gaadi Tu Dhakka Laga” explains the overall song.

9. Song – Bhaag DK Bose
Movie – Delhi Belly (2011)

Bhaag DK Bose is one of the most controversial songs which gave vulgar a new meaning. “Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose Dk Bose..” these are the words which make it a hilarious song.

8. Song – Choli Ke Piche
Movie – Khalnayak (1993)

Choli Piche is one of the most famous song of 90s & the highlight from the song is “Choli Ke Piche Kya Hai Chunri Ke Niche Kya Hai”.

7. Song – I’m a Hunter
Movie – Gangs of Wasseypur

This is in English but the meaning of the song is something to laugh about “I am a hunter, and she wantay’ see my gun when I pull it out boy, the woman start to run”.

6. Song – Rukmani Rukmani
Movie – Roja (1992)

Rukmani Rukmani is a feeling of a woman after she gets married. The lyrics are something like this “Rukmani Rukmani Shaadi Ke Baad Kya Kya Hua”.

5. Song – Mooh Me Le
Movie – Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal

Mooh Me Le as the name suggest is a double meaning which also had a huge controversy. “Mooh Me Le Mooh Me Le” are some of the line from the song.

4. Song – Aanchal Ke Andar
Movie – Khalnayika (1993)

This song is bit like Choli Ke Piche but it is much vulgar than that. The catchy lines are “Anchal Ke Andar Kya Hai..Anchal Ke andar Choli..Choli Ke Andar Kya Hai..Tabahi Hai Tabahi Hai Tabahi..”.

3. Song – Le Lo Le Lo
Movie – Andaz (1994)

This is the second song in the list from the same movie starring Anil Kapoor & Juhi Chawla. “Le Lo Le Lo Mera Imtehan De Doon De Doon Main Tumko Jaan” are the double meaning lines.

2. Song – Teri Le Loon
Movie – Tere Mere Beech Mein

Teri Le Loon as the name suggests it is actually much funnier than the name. The lyrics goes like this “Teri Le Loon Bahein Bahon Mein”.

1. Song – Khada Hai
Movie – Andaz (1994)

Khada Hai should be the first song because the way it is sung & third song from the same movie Andaz. Listen to this “Khada Hai Khada Hai Khada Hai Der Pe Tere Aashiq Khada Hai..Khol Khol Khol Darwaza Khol”.

These are the top 10 songs that we picked which have double meaning lyrics. Which one according to you should be the best one?

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