Bambukat Lyrics – Ammy Virk

Ammy virk is here with the title song of the movie Bambukat which is awesomely written by Veet Baljit. The music is from Jatinder  Shah.

Song – Bambukat (Title Song)
Movie – Bambukat
Singer – Ammy Virk
Music – Jatinder Shah
Lyrics – Veet Baljit

Bambukat Lyrics – Ammy Virk

Jadon udd-da hawa ch,
Piche chadde laariyan,
Janda sadkan te gabru,
Wajaunda taddiyan,

Ho nachda patanga,
Ishqe di laat te,

Koi virla hi launda note,
Bambukat te,(x3)

O.. 7 pind jutti thalle,
Rakhe jatt ne,
Laage sheharan ch chadayi wale,
Ghadde watt ne,

O shahukaar munde ne,
Bathati daatt te,

Koi virla hi launda note,
Bambukat te,(x2)

Koi virla hi launda note..,



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