Raftaar – Shudh Desi Rapper

The Indian rap is at it’s peak right now, every big song have a rap artist performing which makes it even bigger. Raftaar is one of the few names that comes in mind when you talk about shudh desi Indian rap.

Raftaar is a name which he gave to himself because he says “I think very quickly when it comes to lyrics that’s why I chose this name”. Dilin Nair is his original name whereas his friends used to call him “Max”. He is actually from south India & he was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 1988.

He actually started his career as a dancer with the dance show Dance India Dance with his partner Manik but his passion was singing. He kept listening to songs & improved his lyrics writing skills because he always loved rhyming since his childhood.

According to him, the rap is story telling which is not a easy thing to write. He joined Mafia Mundeer with Yo Yo Honey Singh which also had Lil golu & Young Amli (now Ikka) but later it broke. He had a controversy with Yo Yo Honey Singh where he claimed that “Dope Shope” was written by him but Honey Singh refused saying that he met him once in his life.

He as also track with Honey Singh “Main/Beer Bar” which is also his first track but it never got released so it is unofficial. After that he started from the bottom & he got his first official break with the song “We Doin’ It Big” where did a rap, this song was the biggest collaboration where 36 artist came together in a song.

He never looked back after this song because RDB signed him officially.  His best tracks with RDB are Allah Veh, Gabbar Aa Jayega & Stand Up.

Raftaar music journey

All the Best Tracks From Raftaar

Allah Veh : His rap in this song is fantastic & it might be one of the rap by any rapper in India. It shows his depth as a rapper.

Stand Up : It is an inspirational song & once again a superb rap from him.

All Black : His collaboration with Sukh-e Muzical Doctorz have been extremely successful & all black is one his most viewed song on Youtube with over 24 Million views.

Sniper : This song is also with Sukhe & it is a wonderful with excellent beats.

Instagram Love : Raftaar is now doing solo work & this song is marvelous.

Toh DishoomHe is also ding movies as well & this with Pritam is amazing.

Baby Marvake Maanegi: This track is from his album Zero To Infinity which is sung, composed & written by him only.

Raftaar have proved himself to be one of the finest rapper in India & he might be doing this over & over again.

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